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Frauke Famira is a graphic designer and jewellery maker.

After studying graphic design in Hamburg, she moved to Paris where she worked for magazines such as Decoration International and Vogue and designed books for art publishers.

During her numerous strolls through Parisian “marché aux puces” she developed a taste for "early plastic" objects and fashion jewellery and started to experiment with the materials she found.

Famira loves the idea of distinctive, attractive fashion accessories as much as she values an original creative concept. In her jewellery work she strives to combine joyful extravagance with reduction and simplicity.

Famira works exclusively with synthetic materials such as Plexiglas, acetate and resins. When she started working with acetate, a material produced in the form of thin sheets and characterised by elasticity, she chose cutting and curving as her main creative techniques.

Acetate is a modern form of celluloid, is shares its qualities of being light, smooth and elastic. Manufactured in a broad range of beautiful colours and patterns, it is also used to produce exclusive eyewear.
Like celluloid, acetate is produced from plant fibres. – When processed, the material even gives off a faint scent of eucalyptus leaves! Acetate is thermo-formable, when heated, it becomes flexible and can be brougt into shape. It remains sensitive to heat after processing. Exposure to heat, such as direct sunlight, should therefore be avoided. Slight rectifications or changes of form can easily be carried out.
All pieces of Famira‘s collections are individually and skillfully crafted by hand.

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